Still thinking about the last wave and it happened!

Surfed too close to the bank and your jet has sucked up stones or the like and damaged the impeller?

No need to despair.


Here you can quickly and easily find the right replacement impeller, of course, as always made of high-strength aluminum, for your Jet .


Your jet is ready for use again in 8 steps! 1. Loosen the grub screw of the jet coupling 2. Unscrew the jet's cooling water nipple 3. Remove the 3 - M4 grub screws on the jet nozzle 4. Now remove the rear nozzle 5. Now you need a strong rope or something similar. Place this around the impeller and pull it out of the jet body with the shaft 6. Now carefully heat the 2 grub screws on the impeller and remove them 7. Detach the impeller from the shaft and replace it - don't forget to secure the grub screws of the new impeller with Loctite as well 8. Now assemble the jet in reverse order - the electro surfing fun can continue!